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I'm not certain I'm still operating at 00% after the roller coaster we've been on the past few months - however when you move you get reacquainted with what you have.  After eating out for almost a month straight I was a little tired of wings, burgers, etc, so yes, I slipped and decided I wasn't going to stress over it - it was just the cards life dealt us.

So as I've begun getting back on track - I've relied on fiber to stay focused.  I've used Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Flax Seeds, Powdered Psyllium Husks and Powdered Gluccoman, etc.  And don't gross out - yes, some crumbled up GG Bran Crisp Breads.

Making a simple almond milk smoothie with a few pinches of this or that (from above) makes for a thick smoothie that you can almost eat with a spoon and yes, one I made sure was extra think so I could freeze and eat like ice cream.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Cheers to the holiday season!!

I've really been enjoying Zero  with a little lime or lemon juice as a salad dressing.  I made a jicama and cucumber salad that way with fresh basil and dill.  Even the hubby ate it but he added more Zero :)

We had a month long house hunting trip - hubby started his new job and I had to house hunt.  Great thing is we're finally here in Baltimore.  Certainly not unpacked yet - but we'll get there!

I also came home to an empty fridge except for cheese and salsa and hot sauce.  I don't want to hit the store because it will go to waste.  I do have a couple prices of chicken and a slab if bacon in the freezer.  I was so tired of chicken - I just made a cheese soup with what I had - added some salsa and hot sauce and topped with sour cream and a couple slices if avocado that I grabbed.

Used the sweetener tonight - making fake Mounds Bar "fat bombs".  Used unsweetened coconut in food processor with melted butter and coconut oil, Zero, vanilla and almond extract.  Delicious just like that but it's in fridge so I can roll into balls and dip in unsweetened chocolate sweetened with Zero :)

I'm home and think I'm good on crab for a while.  But I'm going to keep the flavored water - I did cucumber, ginger, mint and lemon - needed to flush out some extra water from eating out so often!

Yay on self tanner!!!  For Sunday brunch the hubby had Crab Eggs Benedict.  I had Crab & Spinach omelette.

Now that we're in an actual temporary apartment with a Whole Foods on our block - it's a little tougher to find things other than meat, cheese, eggs & cream.  I did try my coffee with full fat canned coconut milk & coconut oil, that was pretty yummy. 

Thankfully the building has a gourmet coffee and tea maker available to us so it's been fun trying different flavors.  They also have a water station with a variety of fruit/veggies floating in the water.  Today was strawberries & cucumbers and it was delightful and helping me get my water in.

I did find the Joseph's Flat Breads - so doing those tonight with Greek chicken and a salad.

We're in the process of moving and the last few weeks have been a blur!  Moving from the South back to the North wasn't planned but you can't say no to great opportunities these days!  So I'm in Baltimore, MD house hunting while the hubby started his new job.  We're right downtown on the Inner Harbor and there are grocery stores within walking distance.

It's been fun but tricky to stay on track eating out - which is what we did our first week while house hunting together!  But here's some fun things I've tried:

A burger topped with jumbo lump crab meat topped with pepper jack cheese and melted - yum!

A crab sandwich (skipped bread) - bottom layer was thick slices of ham, then crab meat, then Swiss cheese and tomato - another winner!

Plus just an abundant supply of crabs, shrimp topped with crab and I could go on forever!

We're finally into a furnished corporate apartment - so I made a nice chuck roast and steamed green beans with bacon and butter :)

So if you like crab ... Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have more ideas!

Sides and Snacks / Re: Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks
« on: August 01, 2014, 08:59:26 AM »
He still loves his bagel for breakfast and popcorn before bed ... Baby steps for him I guess!

So glad I brought my Zero with me - it's come in very helpful at all sorts of meals!

Sides and Snacks / Re: Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:55:13 PM »
Mmmmmm ... Yummy!  Hubby loved the chicken wrapped in bacon - he finished the leftovers for breakfast!

Sides and Snacks / Re: Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:19:16 PM »
I'm trying the chicken wrapped in bacon tonight!

Ask Umpa / Re: Help with converting a muffin recipe to FTS
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:17:24 PM »
I have 2 and there were times when I could have used a third.  I've taken my electric one to hotel rooms and people's homes.  My stovetop one doubles as a super heavy duty pot when needed!  It's crazy weird the things people cook in them.  Such a saver when it's hot and also gives you comfort foods  in record time when the weather begins to turn chilly.  You get great flavor from them!

Sides and Snacks / Re: Baked Brie on Apple Slices
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:55:07 PM »
We were at a party and instead of the puff pastry baked Brie, she served it with pecans dripping in a brown sugar syrup.  Is there any sort of substitute for the syrup?  I'd live to keep the nuts in the mix but keep it FTS friendly.

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